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Pati Patni Aur Woh (2020) – Movie Review & Analysis

Pati Patni Aur Woh (2020) – Review & Analysis

So on 6 December is one of the biggest weekends in relation to Indian film, the first film I stepped into the theater was Comedy Patty and Karela starring Karan Aryan Bhoomi Patna And this Pandey film is directed by Khush Bhal Jayegi director Maa Sir Aziz and is a remake of the BR Chopra-directed film with the same name which was released in 1978.

Sanjeev Kum Ra’s debuts with Eosin and Ranjitha and the lead roles even though the director claims the film has no connection to the original, let me assure you that this is indeed what it is, a remake of the film starring Karthik Aaryan Abhinav focuses on Chiaki, who joins the car played by the ground pad manufacturer and the spark immediately flies away and the two get married, but as the day goes on Pasila Singh, played by a nanny, enters the life of Prithvi, as an urban woman immediately charmed in a desire to venture enough to try to buy cheap land.

The deserted area ascetic is aware of her marriage, so An inquisitive person will have to adopt a way in which the pasila is sympathetic to him and may even entertain his company, so he lies That he had the opposite relationship with his wife. The original big lie was that the main characters’ wife has cancer which was worse than the way the film’s cover-ups focused on the moments of lies and deception and between the three lead characters. Moments of redemption tell me here.

You look at the good and the bad aspects of the film so that you guys can finally decide whether to go for the film or not, but great If there is music in the plow, some hover is trending or it can be considered a better curse that there may be no commercial Hindi film which will not include remakes of classic Hindi songs, it is the thought process with which the creators approach it.

Is a quick callback to foreign memories of the original and thus the song will be more shared, which perhaps began as a novelty idea, B Hindi turned to reality never ending cinema, but the two most popular songs on its promises is one in which two remakes, Govinda and Raveena Akio film Akli King displayed by Tandon.

Segolia’s original is no match for another team’s advertisement compared to the original from a music and choreography point of view, a song that was literally released this year which is now remaking into a Hindi film – becoming an even more inaccessible remake Nothing, even down memory lane, is the only takeaway from the music in this film.

It is a beautifully sung Meera from a harsh song in the same year where we have There are movies like Bir Singh and Sundar Boy which has beautiful original music that I don’t understand. The trend never comes to an end. The second half of the problem is to see what happens to situational comedy, this film has many characters. The confusion between may reach a point e.

It is not completely eliminated, but your bow is what made you really laugh at your gags and made you show respect Smile for and share the car narrowly Whose South Oh’s kisseth Hag see a corn hair thread be lost in the scenes but only kept as fillers until the audience is shut down when the characters Finally meet the parents, then trying to figure out why the relationship is having problems with the same decisive Indian parent personality that the other person Area child who may be wrong there.

There is an unnecessarily addictive scene where we see the protagonist binge drink while trying to suppress his misery, breaking public property for him and forcing the police to chase him excessively in so many ways The charm and wit of the film in particular. The second half when we as the audience I don’t understand how things will end up will be very good chemistry tired es beyond the main highlights of the film.

The chemistry is shared between many characters that are part of any situational comedy. Required that actors provide a dialogue between individuals in a natural back-and-dialog like a screenplay and Mudassar Aziz by The scripted dialogues provide ease of visualization shared exclusively for Karthik and APAR Shakti and no matter the equal power and subsequent loyalty of Karthik and Bhumi Karthik, whether morally wrong Karthik’s actions. The first scene in the film Karthik and Bumi depicts some of the funniest moments, giving you only a picture of how the characters and actors are Club did.

We to share the screen together in a comedy because of the honesty over horny humor that matches Karthik’s rather horny and stunning one-liner account for some of the best moments of the film’s performance. The biggest strength is that all the performances have worked overall. Surprised that Ananya Pandey has the lowest volume to show off in relation to Matter.

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