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Housefull 4 (2019) – Movie Review & Analysis

Housefull 4 (2019) – Movie Review & Analysis

I honestly wasn’t really keen on watching the multi-starrer Housefull 4C. Do you know that you are stepping up to a film that does not require you to think analytically, although it will test every single piece of critical thinking?

You’ve evolved since your childhood, the intention is to just sit back comfortably and enjoy this crazy ride home. 4 is the franchise version that we never wanted for a cash grab for actors who would be unaffected by all the trolling as Indians got to the theater.

I will definitely get a storm and the producers get a chance to make big bucks in the box office without further shedding, which would represent the film here It is not the story that matters but here we go anywhere. The film focuses on the concept of an ERA set reincarnation in 1419 and some girl setting Padmavati mostly on parody and another era 2019 London three couples slowly it Realizes that they are actually marrying the wrong people as if they were lovers in the 15th century.

How different they find their way to a girl that Roma How does it really bloom and what really happened is that they almost got married to the wrong person, it seems like I enjoy it so much, any way the aspect of telling me good here and someone bad so that you guys will finally To decide whether to go for the film or not, good credit where credit is due, there is no point in me just bashing this film.

This is a very big production which is probably 75 to 80s. And there is a collective effort to present the film, no matter how enticing and stupid it may be, one must first commend Akshay Kumar, one of the naturally gifted comedic actors, in the country today honestly.

No matter how stupid or irrational the base writing is. The characters can be Kumar and his dialogue delivery and body language have the ability to make you laugh, there are some moments that are very few in this film and in between that will really make you laugh with laughter and all of them have Akshay Kumar I cannot pinpoint a single moment in which I laughed during the firm and Kumar was not in the frame, except for heavy lifting by Akshay and the quality of the script. Ray tells you a lot of things.

The other thing is that women basically do not have much to do in this film except in the series of events, but in every scene, they look particularly beautiful with actresses taking beautiful makeup costume designs. Who, despite their bouts, are innocent.

Everything that happens in the films is ultimately too forgetful for the set design and special effects and the VFX department, especially as the VFX department is to be commended when the film features 15-century flashbacks and long shots of castles, which are mostly made digitally on large screens, especially in theaters, its price is decreasing and now a To talk well, let us know what are the most dangerous aspects of this bad music?

For the last 5 or 10 years, I understand that the lyrics of the comedy genre don’t really need to be deep in the lyrics because most of the wife that the creators are going for is fun and scary but at least has to be some kind of writing. Creativity means that I am a loyal person even while listening to songs in the theater, I honestly felt that there was a lack of effort and perception of music with the key With any kind of inventiveness, so Java audiences can be accepted, Leggie Park dkbose banta from Delhi.

An unnecessary boot song that goes to Dracula, Peta Joe McKeen Tazza ah but uh uh alia but I have no words that are creative. It was being discussed in the meeting when it was getting greener and someone said that K. Al Lyrics sees bad writing as if you understand this film from a narrative standpoint, it can turn out to be a really interesting premise, but if it is cleverly written, it will be in houseful force situations. And the biggest flaw is the lack of invention with the dialogues, it is clear that you really realize the Holo product that is being presented to you, whose heart is only the box office no.

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